Spotlight Solutions Per Cluster


Business, Job Creation & Entrepreneurship

In Africa, the very high percentage of unemployed youth or young working poor is directly relevant to the priority of SDG1 (“End poverty in all its forms everywhere“).

The role of the private sector in generating jobs is key. But in order to attract responsible domestic and foreign investments, stable and open financial systems, an enabling investment climate and proactive job creation policies are required. At the same time, it is crucial to ensure that social protection systems are adequate and adapted to new forms of work.

Peace and Security, including Prevention Violent Extremism

African interests are strongly intertwined when it comes to peace and security. Terrorism, violent extremism and transnational organised crimes, such as trafficking in human beings, as well as more traditional threats to peace and stability (intra-state conflicts, local conflicts over resources, electoral violence, armed robbery and piracy etc.), all constitute symptoms of deeper structural instability and fragility. SDG16 is dedicated to the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development.



Environmental preservation and climate change

Climate change is affecting every country on every continent. People around the world are experiencing the significant impacts of climate change, including changing weather patterns, rising sea level, and more extreme weather events. Climate change finds its origins in human activities and in greenhouse gas emissions.

Without action, the world’s average surface temperature is projected to continue rising and to surpass 3°C this century. Therefore, SDG13 urges to “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”. The poorest and most vulnerable people are most affected by the impacts of climate change. Outbreaks of infectious diseases and famines highlight the effects and inter-linkages of insecurity, climate change, and food and water shortages. These challenges have led to unprecedented levels of forced displacements in Africa.