Q: Why do I need a coach as an individual?

  • To bridge the gap between where you are to where you want to be

  • To help you achieve personal and professional goals

  • To assist you find the answers to issues/problems you are experiencing

  • To support and motivate you in a non judgemental and safe space

  • To help you make the best decision

  • To help you deal with conflict

  • To help you increase your self mastery

  • To assist you to deal with persistent challenges, dilemmas and issues

  • To shift thinking to change behaviour and achieve the best results for you

  • To shift negative habits and thinking

Q: Why do I need a coach for my team and/or business?

  1. To create motivation and inspiration within the team

  2. To build team cohesion

  3. To create joint goals and objectives

  4. To improve team and organisational culture

  5. To identify and create organisational/team, vision and mission

  6. To address and resolve conflict

  7. To acquire knowledge and practical tools to assist address common problems and issues

  8. To create awareness around common barriers to achieving optimal personal results

Q: What does coaching entail?

  • Coaching involves having conversations with a professional coach to unpack and identify expectations, issues and requirements.

  • The process involves the coach helping client to identify best solutions and then create a clear process to apply the solution

  • The coach uses very specific focused questioning techniques and a process geared to guiding the client towards solutions and deep thinking.

  • Coaching is also conducted in a manner that stimulates the part of the brain that generates deep thinking and reasoning and shifts them away from emotional and threat responses.

  • It focuses on creating new habits and results by targeting changing negative thinking and feeling

Q: Why should I use you as my coach?

  1. I am trained as a professional coach

  2. I have extensive experience assisting clients with various issues, goals and objectives

  3. The tools I used are geared towards creating effective results. They have been thoroughly tested and are based on scientific knowledge and theory

  4. My clients span different work/organisational sectors, race, age and professional groups so my experience is cross functional

  5. I have studied and taught learners across multiple fields including psychology (schools of industrial and positive psychology), personal mastery, and labour law, leadership and management development. This offers me multiple tools that I know and can use as applicable

  6. I have worked within businesses in management and professional roles as well as an external consultant so I have a clear understanding of the needs of the business world.

  7. I have been running my own business for the last 12 years so am able to support business owners and entrepreneurs

  8. Our coaches are empathetic and focused and able to apply my mind quickly and easily to client specific