1. Submission of internship plan

■The host company contacts the intern, and after consulting and coordinating regarding the mission, goal, and plan etc. of the internship, the host company reports online to The Youth Cafe about the internship plan.

■Daily internship hours should be determined within the normal range of working days and hours of the host company:-they are to be determined individually through the consultation of three parties-intern, host company, and program office.

2. Approval of internship plan

■The Youth Cafe confirms that the contents and the goals to be achieved under the internship plan adequately reflect the intent of the program, and that the mission and commitment of person in charge of the host company’s intern officers are very clear, and that acceptance of interns is recognized as an important matter.


■The Youth Cafe will make support for the following travel and hosting arrangements for interns.

2.Acquiring visa where necessary

3.Travel insurance for travel to host organization (social welfare insurance does not apply)

4.Cashless medical support

5.Internship insurance

■The host company will make support for the living arrangements of interns (such as accommodation arrangements and work commuting arrangements), as well as arranging a workplace environment for interns, providing PC and Internet connection for interns, as well as desk, chair, office supplies, etc.

4. Intern hosting & travel to workplace

■Acceptance of interns happens in different period of times. Groups and acceptance periods are expected to be determined together with the acceptance decision.