■The Youth Cafe will conduct Pre-training for interns in selected locations. Training is conducted mainly in French and English.

■The Youth Cafe will give interns advance notification of content to be presented to the host company during Pre-training. Please prepare this before attending training on the day.

Day 1 of intern Pre-training


・Creation of innovation
・Implementation of PDCA
・Intercultural (African) communication, etc.

Day 2–3 of intern Pre-training

・Pre-training with host company
・cross-cultural communication
・Discussion and review of planning for internship mission, etc.

Target: Person in charge of host company & interns (together)

*Pre-training for host companies will be conducted two days in a separate course.

2.Internship《 After the Pre-training 》

■Soon after the internship starts, the host company will conduct an orientation for the intern at the workplace. Internships should start from a solid understanding of this explanation of workplace rules and precautions, in order to ensure smooth implementation of the internship. The intern and personnel in related departments should review the internship plan to ensure full understanding before starting.

■Host companies and interns will create daily reports and submit these to The Youth Cafe. Based on the content of reports, The Youth Cafe may visit host companies as as necessary to check progress and understand the situation.

■When traveling 100 km or more with an overnight stay, interns must submit a long-distance travel application to the The Youth Cafe at least 5 business days prior to traveling, to ensure that the intern’s location can always be confirmed.

3.Follow-up training 《 after placement 》

■During the internship period, follow-up training sessions will be conducted for person in charge of the host company and interns in each country. These are opportunities to share challenges and success stories about internship, teach each other ways to overcome cross-cultural conflict, and exchange views with other interns and host companies.

4. Wrap up presentation

■After completion of internships, wrap up presentation will be held. Person in charge of the host company and interns will jointly deliver presentations regarding results and achievement of the program’s mission at each host company.

5. Completion

■Interns and host companies are obliged to submit various reports: daily report, evaluation report, payment settlement documents to the The Youth Cafe. The The Youth Cafe makes arrangements for the intern’s returning home. Training support to the host company are paid after The Youth Cafe can confirm that the intern has successfully completed the internship.