Recruitment / Information sessions

■Intern recruitment is performed at The Youth Cafe’s offices, giving priority to graduates from African and developing countries (OECD/DAC-listed countries except China).

■Regular nformation sessions are held in selected cities, towns, and universities. Please note that even non-participants in information sessions can apply for internships.

■Recruitment information sessions for host companies is be held throughout Africa.

2. Application / selection

■Application is acceptable on an online basis by using registration form on The Youth Cafe website.

■Screening process is conducted based on information contained in the application form aptitude and experience/ability as an intern, understanding of the program purpose, and any conditions or requests for the host company.

■Selection will be conducted through document screening, primary interview (mainly in English and occasionally in French ).

■Various certification documents regarding University qualifications or language skills, etc.), letters of recommendation, photographs, required documents for the visa, etc. are required to submit individually.

3. Matching

■In accordance with registration information and the results of interviews, The Youth Cafe will set up ideal matching, prioritizing combinations that are expected to achieve the purpose of this program.

■The Youth Cafe will notify host companies and intern applicants of the results of matching. After mutual agreement has reached, matching will be accepted.

■After matching is established, cancellation can not be made at the convenience of the company or intern.

4. the Screening Committee

■The Screening Committee approves the matching.

5. Notification of results

■After the approval by the Screening Committee, letter of notification of acceptance will be sent both to the intern and to the host company. Based on this notification, the host company will start preparing to accept the intern, and interns will start preparing for travel to the host company location and participating in the internship.

6. Finalization of contract

■With respect to intern acceptance and internships, a contract among The Youth Cafe, host company, and interns will be finalized, which will define the rules and obligations of intern acceptance.