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2019 Environmental Science and Climate Change Conference (2019ESCC) | The Youth Cafe

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With the growth of environmental problems and an increase in global warming, every citizen should take responsibility to respond to the situation and come up with a solution. After acclaimed name in the medical research field, Episirus Scientifica has taken a step to gather every working brain for the Environment to come up with a solution and innovation together at the 2019 Environmental Science and Climate Change Conference (2019ESCC) at Singapore from September 10-11, 2019.

The conference focus is to bring together leading experts, activists, researchers, and scientists to exchange and share their meaningful experiences of various methods and innovative ideas on the topic “ Sustainable Development: A Major Challenge Across the Globe ”

Official conference banner. Courtesy @2019ESCC

Official conference banner. Courtesy @2019ESCC

The Youth Cafe is pleased to be collaborating with the 2019ESCC in every promotional aspect of the conference, gathering speakers from all corners of the world, running the Young Researchers’ session to make this event more successful.

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