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Rome SDG 16 Conference | The Youth Cafe

Young people are critical agents of change for the 2030 Agenda and are already taking action to sustain peace, deliver justice, promote inclusive participation in politics and enhance accountability. Youth voices, actions and willingness to influence decision-making processes in particular are essential, if sustainable development is to be achieved.

In 2019, Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG16) is under review at the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF), which provides an opportunity to take stock and promote understanding of and support to peace and, justice, as well as and strong and inclusive institutions.

To meaningfully engage youth-led organizations in key processes leading to the HLPF and the SDG Summit at the United Nations in 2019, a new '16 x 16' Initiative was recently launched by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with support by the Government of Italy, working closely with the Major Group on Children and Youth (MGCY) and other relevant partners. The initiative provides a timely opportunity to scale up efforts to recognize, promote and support young people’s role in implementing SDG16. Sixteen agents of change representing youth organizations, movements and networks have been selected and will participate in the Preparatory Conference for the HLPF on SDG16 in Rome, 27-29 May 2019 (#SDG16).