Operational Secretariat | The Youth Cafe

The Youth Cafe is a non-profit organization run by the youth for youth.It currently has an operational secretariat of 9 staff members, 26 consultants and contractors, 4 interns ,and 2 volunteers. All members of the secretariat are young professionals aged 35 and below. The main secretariat is the hub of the organisation, providing the operational and technological infrastructure supporting all sections, managing partnerships and implementing projects. The senior leadership team is made up of the Executive Director, the Head of Operations & Finance and the Head of Partnerships. Reporting into this team are the section head , main secretariat coordinator and Technical Coordinator. Each section, including main secretariat , also works with a number of part-time young professionals providing programmatic services. Finally, our staff is distributed, with a section based Kenya and other collegues operating from across Africa and some parts of the world. Our dedicated team knows that generational challenges are no match for people who believe there’s no problem we can solve together.