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Lifestyle Changes based on Values and Ethics – The Role of Faith in promoting Sustainable Consumption and Innovative Technology

The event, Faith for Earth was graced by the presence of Ms. Inger Andersen, Executive Director designate of UNEP. It was an interesting event as various individuals representing various faiths in the world (CYNESA, Brahma Kumaris, the Anglican Church and the Islamic Relief Worldwide) composed he panel.

It was a great incite on how individuals should live in harmony with nature. First, our faith leaders are accessible and so the churches, mosques and even temples are and have been here for longer; they are ready to listen to the cries and criticisms of the youth in matters of addressing climatic issues. In addition, it is essential that faith be involved in policy making in environmental issues, and facilitation of behavioral changes as much as it may be difficulty to change old habits.

The youth are a moment of growth, who should be rooted in the wisdom of the aged. The youth, according to Pope Francis, is the now of God, not the future and thus, should be involved in matters of environmental sustainability across the globe.