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Stories from the Green Tent

The Green Tent is the Civil Society Platform at UNEA-4. The UNEA Monitor is covering some of the green tent events throughout the week of the Assembly.

UN Environment Chief Scientist Dr. Jian Liu Meets with the Major Groups on Tuesday, March 12, 2019. The Major Groups had the opportunity to meet with the UN Environment Chief Scientist Dr. Jian Liu. The audience asked questions about the following topics:

• progress with the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) resolution;

• inclusion of local and indigenous knowledge in science and knowledge systems;

• the relationship between the UN Environment Science Division and divisions working on social issues; selection of priorities for the Science Division; and

• lessons learnt from the most recent Science-Policy-Business Forum.

Dr. Liu noted that the negotiations on the GEO resolution would be finished that day and underlined the continued relevance of the GEO process. He also emphasized the potential of citizen science in catalyzing collective leadership and mobilizing action on the ground, and spoke to the importance of the social sciences and economics to the work of Science Division.

Dr. Liu further stressed the need to bring the science, policy and business communities together and his vision of transforming the Science-Policy-Business Forum into an incubator catalyzing collective action to advance the use of science as a priority in across policy-making and business.