4TH UN ENVIRONMENT ASSEMBLY MONITOR: Open Ended Committee of Permanent Representatives Aiming to Finish Resolutions | The Youth Cafe

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On Monday, March 4th, the Open-Ended Committee of Permanent Representatives (OECPR) started its discussions and negotiations in preparation for the 4th UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4)


In the plenary session, the national delegates considered a number of reports from the UN Environment Secretariat as well as UN Environment’s budget and program performance, including the implementation of previous UNEA resolutions. In addition, there were consultations on the ministerial declaration in the plenary.

The negotiations are still ongoing on all resolutions, and Member States continue to have different opinions on many bracketed texts of the resolutions. In addition, some countries question if UNEA is the suitable forum to discuss certain issue areas, such as geoengineering, which is put forward by the resolution of Switzerland. Although a number of parallel informal meetings have been set up to speed up the negotiations, it is possible that the delegates have to work over weekend to finish the work that need to be delivered to the ministers next week.