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The United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN- Habitat, will convene the Global Stakeholders’ Forum prior to the UN-Habitat Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya on 25-26 May 2019. The Forum will be guided by the theme of the UN-Habitat Assembly: Innovation for Better Quality of Life in Cities and Communities with the sub-theme of “Accelerated implementation of the New Urban Agenda towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals”.

The Forum provides an opportunity for stakeholders to address their role in fostering innovation for sustainable, inclusive and livable cities and communities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the New Urban Agenda. The Forum will also provide an opportunity for stakeholders to identify ways to strengthen multi-stakeholder collaboration in implementing the New Urban Agenda and the SDGs in partnership with UN-Habitat as a focal point for sustainable urban development and human settlements within the United Nations System. The Stakeholders’ Collaborative Implementation Framework for the New Urban Agenda, which was discussed during the ninth World Urban Forum will provide a basis for consensus on a more coherent approach to partnership to achieve accelerated and sustainable results. The forum will also have an open interactive dialogue between the stakeholders and UN-Habitat senior and programme staff on collaborative opportunities and mechanisms.

Participants in the Forum will develop an outcome document and other inputs to share with Member States and other partners at the UN-Habitat Assembly. The Stakeholders Forum will be open to accredited stakeholders and special guests of UN-Habitat including,

(i) Civil society, (ii) Private Sector, (iii) Women, (iv) Children and Youth, (v) Local Governments, (vi) Academia and Researchers, (vii) Professionals, (viii) Workers and Trade Unions, (ix) Indigenous peoples, (x) Persons with Disabilities, (xi) Older persons, (xii) Foundations, (xiii) Media, (xiv) Grassroots and informal sector, (xv) Parliamentarians, and (xvi) Farmers.

The Forum will take the form of plenary, panel and group discussions, and it will be jointly led by stakeholders and UN-Habitat. Stakeholders’ caucus will take place on 26 May 2019.

It is expected that at the end of the Forum stakeholders’ perspectives on policy implications for innovation for better quality of life in cities and communities, implementation of the new urban agenda and SDGs, as well as, implementation of UN-Habitat Strategic Plan will be documented, and a statement prepared for onward transmission to the UN-Habitat Assembly. This will inform future collaborative efforts and mechanisms as well as UN-Habitat’s programming, advocacy and global leadership in sustainable urban development and human settlements.Background and Expected Outcomes

On 20th December 2018 the United Nations General Assembly, in its resolution A/73/239, dissolved the UN-Habitat Governing Council as a subsidiary organ of the General Assembly and replaced it with the UN-Habitat Assembly. The first session of the UN-Habitat Assembly will be held from 27 to 31 May 2019.

The Global Stakeholders’ Forum promotes a strategic stakeholders’ collaborative approach in preparation for the UN-Habitat Assembly. The forum is expected to consolidate views of stakeholders, across all categories, based on the theme and the sub-theme of the Assembly. This is an opportunity for stakeholders to collectively contribute to the outcome of the first UN-Habitat Assembly.

The expected outcomes of the forum include:

a. Stakeholders’ familiarization with UN-Habitat Assembly and its subsidiary organs, stakeholders’ engagement approaches, and the UN-Habitat Strategic Plan 2020-2025.

b. An outcome statement and stakeholders’ inputs to the deliberations of the UN-Habitat Assembly and the Executive Board.

c. An appropriate mechanism for stakeholder consultation in policy-making and engagement in programme design, implementation, monitoring and reporting will be recommended/adopted.

d. The Stakeholders Advisory Group presented.