Youth And Climate Change | The Youth Cafe

The Youth Cafe recognizes the key role that youth play in tackling climate change and works closely with youth-led and youth-focussed organizations around the world through the United Nations Joint Framework Initiative on Children, Youth and Climate Change (Joint Framework Initiative).



• In response to the growing number of engaged youth organizations in the intergovernmental climate change process, in 2009, the UNFCCC extended a constituency status to admitted youth NGOs allowing them to receive official information, participate in meetings, request speaking slots and receive logistical support at UNFCCC conferences.

• Over 10,000 youth have already completed the Climate Change Challenge badge developed by FAO, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and the Youth and United Nations Global Alliance1

• Since 2004 over 4,500 children and young people participated in annual UNEP Tunza International Conferences, representing over 100 countries, and covering a number of issues ranging from climate change to the green economy and green jobs. The Tunza website receives over 1 million visits per year.