Youth And Comprehensive Sexuality Education | The Youth Cafe

Young people receive a range of conflicting and confusing messages about sexuality and gender on a daily basis. We believe that a thorough and high quality curriculum-based sexuality education programme can help all children and young people navigate these messages, and develop positive norms about themselves, about relationships and about their health as well as responsible citizenship.


Preparing children and young people for the transition to adulthood has always been one of humanity’s great challenges, with human sexuality and relationship at its core. Today, in a world with AIDS, how we meet this challenge is our most important opportunity in breaking the trajectory of the epidemic.
— Michel Sidibé, Executive Director, UNAIDS

What is sexuality education?

Sexuality education provides young people with the knowledge, skills and efficacy to make informed decisions about their sexuality and lifestyle. Strong international commitments exist, mainly from human

rights, health and youth empowerment perspectives, to promote comprehensive sexuality education. With IOM, UN Volunteers in Nepal are assisting a land reform process and building capacity of national and district-level government institutions to deliver psychosocial support and counselling to conflict affected victims.