Discussion with the European Investment Bank about Africa's Future

Alongside our African and international partners such as UNIDO, at the EIB – as the Bank of the EU- we want to foster financial inclusion and support growth of the private sector, from the micro and small businesses to the larger ones.

-Werner Hoyer, EIB President

European Investment Bank,the European Union’s finance institution , invited Willice Onyango to offer closing speech on behalf of Africa’s youth in session 4 dedicated to “Leveraging human capital for industrialisation”, during its 4th EIB Africa Day jointly organised with UNIDO in Addis Ababa on Thursday 22 November 2018 on “Sustainable Industrialisation in Africa”.

Africa Day was be hosted by the EIB in partnership with UNIDO, the United Nations’ Industrial Development Organization. It took place on 22 November in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The topic at the top of the list was  sustainable industrialisation, an important step in the development of diverse economic growth in Africa.

Africa Day examined why sustainable industrialisation is increasingly topping the policy and business agenda in African countries. It further explored how industry in Africa can become more appealing for European and African companies. Where are the opportunities for private investment in sustainable industrialisation? How can sustainable industrialisation help young entrepreneurs and women?