Columbia University Selects Team for The Youth Cafe Capstone

Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs(SIPA) has selected a strong team of six Students from the Masters of International Affairs and Masters of Public Administration degree programs to work with The Youth Cafe this year on the "Kenyan youth issues forum" project.

The Youth Cafe would like to develop a model for a ‘Kenyan Youth Issues Forum’. This educational and evidence-based Forum would build on the collaborative effort behind the Kenya Youth Manifesto, and provide a platform for Kenyan youth to develop critical thinking and an understanding of how to solve issues through discussion and debate. The Youth Cafe welcomes the SIPA workshop team’s assistance in exploring various options and formats for a Forum that are suitable within Kenya’s social, cultural and historical context, and possibly developing and conducting a pilot Forum on a single pivotal issue, such as youth unemployment or the impact of global warming on Kenyan youth.

Part of the tasks will be, based on this initial research, to develop initial proposals for organizing a pilot Youth Issues Forum or other platform for involving Kenyan youth in deliberative discussions on key policy issues that affect them.  Also design interview guides for consultations with youth representatives and other stakeholders in Kenya on these proposals.

The project deliverables are expected to include a detailed work plan; draft report outline; draft report; (4) final report; and a presentation of key findings and recommendations at SIPA in late April 2019.