Our focus is to seed real, lasting systemic change for young people in Africa

When the youth are provided with frameworks that enable them to recognize their position and roles in the development of Africa, the current and future generation will benefit. The Youth Cafe is dedicated to championing and enabling the young people in Africa to start taking active leadership roles in their communities and countries. We are built on the premise that believing in and equipping youth with strong leadership foundations, business and entrepreneurial skills, civic leadership and public management frameworks is a foundation for the change Africa deserves. The goal of the has always been to improve the cadre of youth leadership in Africa. Achieving this goal is a critical milestone in ensuring enhancement of youth leadership throughout Africa as laid out in our current strategic plan. The impact highlights give an estimate of the substantial progress made and also indicates the gaps and remaining challenges across the countries we reach. This report reflects the last two years of The Youth Cafe and reveals on the substantial progress made by the dedicated and resilient team. Empowering young people in Kenya and around Africa means building something bigger than all of us. It means connecting emerging young leaders, investing in their work,and sharing the solutions they have created.


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It is very important for young people not to be afraid of
engaging in areas that are not common to the youth. Get
involved in local initiatives, be involved in leadership positions because you can’t learn unless you are involved.
And if you make mistakes that is alright too because we all
make mistakes and we learn from those mistakes. You gain
confidence from learning, failing and rising again
— Wangari Maathai, 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

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Program beneficiary from Tanzania

Attending The Youth Cafe training built respect which I never had before as a victim of teenage pregnancy with little education background of form. Interaction with The Youth Cafe members influenced my determination and built strength which I never had, knowledge and skills on various issues. I gained confidence and I am a more impactful social worker. The workshop, has influenced my personal behavior and how to survive along with others in terms of behavior and attitude.


Youth Coordinator, National Gender and Equality Commission

Our partnership with The Youth Cafe is directly aligned with our commission’s strategy to advance best-practice, innovation and an evidence base to the people who have the most power to scale policy and programs: government.