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At The Youth Cafe, our core belief is that young people can transform the planet as actors in achievement of sustainable development. Without an empowered youth, it is impossible to enhance citizens’ voice in key decisions, processes, and actions; advance government accountability; and improve the reach and the quality of social services and civil liberties. 

By giving $50 or more a year, you become a member of The Youth Cafe, supporting young people’s role in positive transformation of people ant planet, in every corner of the globe. As a member, we will help you:

  • Get more involved in empowering young people : Members can participate in our activities and lend support to campaigns The Youth Cafe undertakes.

  • Be informed about the state of youth development around the world: Members receive information every month about the latest in youth development and new projects.

  • Support the actions of The Youth Cafe: Members’ contributions are crucial to fund The Youth Cafe's activities and youth assistance programs.

Ordinary Membership Benefits

As a member, you will receive a toolkit to help amplify your voice in the fight for freedom of information and the press:

  • Personalized membership certificate

  • An opportunitynto profile your organizations work and solutions for youth empowerment

  • Be informed, inspired and supported in youth leadership in pursuit of the sustainable development goals and inter-generational partnerships as well as strategic initiatives

  • Be equipped with skills and connections you need to foster change in your community.

  • Capacity building opportunities and access a repository of creating and sharing knowledge on thematic area of focus

  • Network and build new professional contacts to increase your visibility in the community and help your career grow.

  • Referrals and other opportunities to promote your advancement

  • Stay up to date with relevant youth empowerment news, events, and innovations.

  • Be the first to be considered for contactual, consultancy, internship, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Informative programs with news you can use.

  • Monthly membership action alerts

  • Insider updates to upcoming events (including exclusive members only events)

  • Annual report of The Youth Cafe activities delivered to your inbox

Premium membership benefits: leader's Circle

From $100, join the Youth Cafe’s top membership tier is the Leader's Circle.  Members of the Leader's Circle receive increased exposure and added privileges to reflect their exceptional commitment to The Youth Cafe and the youth empowerment. This upgraded status comes with benefits exclusive to Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors including premium seating and discounted member rates for The Youth Cafe’s programs and events, recognition on all printed materials, company logo on The Youth Cafe letterhead, and signage at all organizational events-just to name a few!

Gift The Youth cafe Membership

Did you know that you can gift The Youth Cafe Membership? To give the gift of youth empowerment to a loved one, colleague, or friend, simply make your gift of $100 or more here and in the "Write a Note (Optional)"box, type the name and email address of the individual you would like to gift a membership to. If you would like to follow-up with our team and be sure it has been successfully gifted, simply email us at

Membership Options for Students

Students have the option of becoming members of The Youth Cafe for no fee as long as they have a valid school email address. If a school has at least five student members, they are eligible to start a university chapter. For more information on becoming a student member or starting a university chapter of The Youth Cafe visit our Students and University Chapters page.



If you have any questions about your membership or would like to know more before joining, please contact us at


We see a future where young people have expanded economic opportunities , contribute to their communities and are on their way to becoming more responsible members of the society. This society features a responsive and accountable government that delivers the services its citizens need at the level of service they deserve. This society includes active youth-actors who play a key role in safeguarding democracy and development. These young peole also engage actively with government to provide feedback from the grassroots on the changing realities facing them and the emerging needs for which services and policy must evolve to meet. This society is composed of young people who are informed about their role, empowered to play it and equipped through the right infrastructure, appropriate technology and relevant policy and legislation. We see in this future a continent that is making inclusive progress towards elimination of poverty, creation of wealth and the establishment of capable and developmental institutions.

The Youth Cafe works towards this future by building the capacity of young people using evidence-based approaches that help them play their role effectively. We facilitate the exercise of their capacity by providing the tools where possible or the knowledge. Where the right policy, information, capabilities, infrastructure and partnerships are in place, we believe the future we see can become a reality.