Education And Skills | The Youth Cafe

Access to quality education and the opportunity to develop skills and competencies is vital to prepare youth for the future. An investment in their human capital is an investment in the socio-economic future of our societies. The Youth Cafe aspire to provide high quality education and training systems, that are efficient and that facilitate young people’s access and integration. However, youth on the continent face high unemployment rates and difficulties transitioning into the world of work. In light of the UNESCO 2030 goals, SDG 4 and international commitments, relevant stakeholders must be assisted in providing quality education to equip youth with skills and competencies to take on future challenges and opportunities in society: “21st century skills”. Innovative schooling systems, under different forms, have been shown to improve student success, active citizenship and transversal skills, needed for the future job market. There are good examples of multi-stakeholder collaborations in creating innovative learning environments (e.g. ESTEM, VET and Global Education). Coordination and dissemination of these efforts in the region is necessary.